Teletubbies Inflatable Aqua Mat


Your very own Tubby Time Play-mat with no mess! For both table and floor fun, simply inflate and fill with water and your littles ones will be ready for some indoor jumping or use as a patmat. No splash no mess, along with the therapeutic and sensory aspects this will be great for any Teletubbie fan!


  • Water filled muddy puddle
  • For indoors - no splash, no mess
  • Indoor jumping muddy puddle fun
  • Floating characters inside
  • Pat the mat and explore
  • Encourages active kids

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions (CM): 72.0 x 54.0 x 5.0
  • Packaging Dimensions (CM): 20.0 x 6.0 x 24.0
  • Product Weight (KG): 0.45kg

Contents Included

  • 1x Inflatable Play Mat

Instructions for use

  1. Open the cap on the back of the product and press down the valve with finger while filling while water.
  2. Hold the mat up vertically and check the water level.
  3. Do not fill past the indicated water level shown on the product.
  4. Always expel all air from the mat before closing the cap.
  5. Close the cap firmly.
  6. Ensure mat surface is fully dry before use.


  • Do not use in water. This product is not a floatation device. This is not a life saving device.
  • Not suitable for children under 6 months.
  • Use only under adult supervision.
  • Do not use as a bed, mattress or sleeping device. Do not use in a crib or playpen.
  • Keep product away from all sources of heat.
  • Indoor use only

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