Bladez Toyz Hot Wheels R/C Monster X-Terrain Drone Wins Hero Toys Award!

The new super-cool 3 in 1 Hot Wheels R/C DRX Monster X-Terrain Drone has been recognised in the Top 25 Hero Toys list at London Toy Fair!

Bladez Toyz CEO Iain Morgan comments: “We are delighted that our new Monster X-Terrain Drone has been awarded a BTHA’s Hero Toys accolade and we can’t wait to see children taking this amazing vehicle outside and watching in awe as it performs for them off-road, in the air and even on water! We’re pretty sure a lot of adults are going to love this one too!”

Described by one journalist as “without a doubt the coolest drone we saw at the London Toy Fair 2018,” you can find more details on the Monster X-Terrain by clicking here